SPICOM TRADING LTD founded in 23 July 2018 is one of UK’s leading wholesaler/Retailer of over 1000 high-quality products and stocks a large range of goods ranging from Kitchen Appliances, Cooling Appliances, Home Accessories, Personal Care, Home Décor etc.



  • Get more exposure on Amazon.
  • Getting Product image Enhanced that hits the customer mind with Optimized Listing.
  • Getting paid campaigns executed with less ACOS.

We Performed

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Image Enhancement
  • Optimized Listing
  • Store creation
  • Strategic Campaigns
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  • To create strategic campaigns as per products.
  • To get major sales out of Paid advertising in competitive market.
  • Preparing creative design to attract buyers.
  • Doing Optimized listing with correct keywords.


  • Increased Revenue from Ads by 34 % since February 2022 and then it hit 30%, 35% and 40% in last 3 month.
  • Increased units ordered on Amazon by 33% for first 3 month.
  • Increased organic sessions by 62%.
  • First 3 month sales increased by 52%.
  • Lowered ACOS to 22% from 35% in 6 months.

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