Established Back 1979 in the United Kingdom for renewable services with one goal in-mind: To give great renewable services that meet the highest standards of quality. Helps renewable energy and saves the planet. SolarDaddy provides all types of Solar Services i.e. Solar PV Maintenance, Solar Thermal Maintenance, Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance, Solar Panel Installation, Renewable Cleaning, Upgrades & EV Charging.



SolarDaddy had a decent website highlighting their products and services with quite good content and sections. They were managing the online presence over Social Media & Website too along with sending out newsletters.

However, they were looking to increase and enhance their onliner visibility and get potential inquiries.

SolarDaddy wanted to switch from referrals to getting new customers coming directly by searching their needs on the internet and getting SolarDaddy in result via organic & paid advertising.

  • The primary objective was to increase the total conversions through strategic Paid Marketing Campaigns
  • The secondary objective was to increase the website organic traffic with SEO
  • Build a strong Social Media presence with engaging and creative content
  • Generate Inquiry via Contact & Email Quote forms from the website
  • Conversions coming through customer, website calls, message

We Performed

  • Indepth Analysis
  • Competitive R&A
  • Website Optimization
  • On-site | Off-site Job
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Strategic Campaigns
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  • To increase the organic traffic while optimising the website and produce industry based content.
  • To get more conversions, especially Application Submissions through Paid Search.
  • To create engaging social media content based on the target audience.


  • By avoiding unnecessary spend over impressions & clicks, we allocated the budget right way with the right targeting to get potential conversions.
  • Tested video ads which allow customer to interact which turned out to be the major factor in generating genuine leads.
  • Created informative content which helps customers to understand the product and their needs.
  • Keyword revised to improve the quality score and to increase relevance of the ads to perform well.
  • Setup the tracking to gather data and plan further strategy to enhance the performance.
  • Produce blog & article content with quality backlinks and relevant keywords to enhance organic ranking and traffic
Organic Traffic
Goal Completion
Local Traffic

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