Audio Array is a pro audio brand which aims to provide a wide range of microphones & accessories intended to serve the community of content creators and professionals. They have launched more than 20+ products and a wide range of categories such as Condenser, Dynamic, Wired, Wireless, Lavalier, Handheld, and many more.

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XLR Output

XLR output for professional hardware like sound cards and mixers (included 2m XLR female to XLR male cable)

Metal Construction

The microphone is rugged and all-metal construction provides outstanding reliability.

Volume Control

For accessibility, while recording, the microphone offers press to mute button and volume control as well.

USB Output

USB output for computers and mobile devices using Windows, macOS, android, and iOS (included 2m USB C to USB A cable with USB A to USB C adapter)

3.5mm Output

3.5mm output for no-latency monitoring. Use your headphones or earphones to monitor your recording in real-time.


Audio Array

Empowering Creators with Pro Audio Solutions. As a pro audio brand, Audio Array is dedicated to serving the community of content creators and professionals. With a diverse range of over 20+ products, they offer an extensive selection of microphones and accessories. From Condenser and Dynamic to Wired and Wireless options, including Lavalier and Handheld varieties, Audio Array covers a wide spectrum of categories. Experience professional-grade audio solutions tailored to elevate your creative endeavors and deliver exceptional sound quality.

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