Visual Identity for Lucille

Lucille is a fashion brand that wants to enhance women's elegance, uniqueness, strength, and significance. Lucille is a French word that means "light" or "lllumination.”

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It is a fashion brand that provides women's fashion, from clothing to hats, shoes, and other accessories. Our aim while creating a logo was to create a minimalistic and elegant logo representing the brand's style and motto.

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We have meticulously crafted a captivating branding solution for Lucille, a renowned fashion brand embodying elegance, uniqueness, strength, and significance for women. Our expertise shines through our exceptional logo design, reflecting the brand's essence with a minimalist touch.



Illuminating Elegance, Uniqueness, and Strength. Embrace the fashion brand Lucille, inspired by the French word for “light” and “illumination.” With a focus on enhancing women’s elegance, uniqueness, and significance, Lucille empowers you to shine brightly and embrace your true radiance.

Our role

The client approached us intending to acquire a competitive advantage and we delivered:

  • Logo Design
  • Stationery