Packaging Design for Herrit Health Care

Harrit Health Care Private Limited is a company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of Ayurvedic Juice & Oil. Their product line includes Ayurvedic Oil, Ayurvedic Churnas, Hair Care Herbs, Ayurvedic Herbs, and various juices such as Amla Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, Jamun Juice, Karela Juice, and Immune Juice .

Intro Image

Intro Image
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Packaging design for this product is created with straightforward and attractive elements. To boost the visual identity of the product and call attention from potential customers, we have employed line art illustration combined with cardboard texture.


Harrit Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Nature’s nourishment, located in the US, provides high-quality, cheap nourishment. They prioritise body and planet health while empowering clients via knowledge and service. Their tasty Gummy Vitamins help total health and wellness.

Our role

The client approached us intending to acquire a competitive advantage and we delivered: