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Puranic offers nostalgic street flavors using organic ingredients from our certified farms, processed traditionally by hand or ancient machines like water-mills, wind-mills. Experience the taste of immemorial times.

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The client, approached us for packaging redesign as their current design lacked sophistication. We were tasked with transforming their basic and raw packaging into a more refined and appealing aesthetic, aligning with the brand's values and product quality.

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Our packaging design services focus on branding and packaging re-design to create visually appealing and practical solutions. Our scalable designs easily adapt to different SKU requirements, saving time and resources. With user-friendly layouts, clear product information, and consistent color schemes, our designs ensure easy recognition of the brand and its products. We strike a balance between form and function, providing efficient and customizable packaging that enhances the overall brand experience.



Puranic, known for its street flavour, uses organic products from approved farms. They use manual processing and water- and windmills. Puranic gives consumers authentic flavour.

Our role

The client approached us intending to acquire a competitive advantage and we delivered:

  • Packaging Design