Packaging Design For Mushroom Crisp

The Heroes Enchanted Mushrooms offers enchanted mushroom snacks that are ideal for people's health on the go. These snacks are rich in fiber and made with natural ingredients. They provide a convenient and delicious way to increase fiber intake while supporting overall well-being.

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The client seeks a packaging design that is attention-grabbing and playful, appealing to their target audience. The design should evoke appetite and create a friendly, inviting feeling. They desire a visually appealing packaging with simple elements and typography that captures the essence of their brand and product.

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We created a packaging design for the client that effectively utilized vivid red and charisma to attract attention and stimulate appetite. The design incorporated the Dilo World font, adding a playful and friendly touch to various applications. We achieved an elegant yet playful look by combining playful typography and simple elements, resulting in high-quality packaging with eye-catching visuals.


The Heroes Enchanted Mushrooms

Nourishing & Convenient. Crafted with natural ingredients, our delightful treats are packed with fiber, ideal for health-conscious individuals on the go. Boost your fiber intake and support overall well-being with these enchanting snacks for healthy living.

Our role

The client approached us intending to acquire a competitive advantage and we delivered:

  • Packaging Design