Packaging Design and 3D Video for Tree Essence

Tree Essence is a leading FMCG company specializing in food and drink packaging. Our all-natural beverage line, derived from pure maple tree sap, offers health-conscious individuals a refreshing and organic alternative. With no added sugar and a commitment to nature's goodness, Tree Essence is the epitome of worry-free indulgence.

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The client approached us to create a captivating wrap-around label for their 16 fl. oz. round bottle. They desired a clean and minimalist design with a prominent tree image, possibly integrated as the "T" in "Tree Essence." The label should showcase descriptive language about the farm and beverage. Parent company: Walling's Maple Syrup (logo optional). Beverage line: Tree Essence with various flavors. Lemonade flavor ingredients: Organic maple sap, organic lemon juice.

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/ Packaging Design

We provided comprehensive packaging design services for the client, including a visually appealing wrap-around label for their bottle. Our team incorporated a captivating tree image, seamlessly integrating it into the "Tree Essence" logo. Additionally, we created a compelling 3D video showcasing the product, enhancing its market presence and appeal.


Tree Essence

Top FMCG company Tree Essence specialises in food and drink packaging. Maple sap-based beverages are nutritious and organic. Tree Essence offers guilt-free, natural enjoyment with every sip.

Our role

The client approached us intending to acquire a competitive advantage and we delivered:

  • Packaging Design
  • 3d Video