"Rome Is Not Built Overnight."

We all are well versed with the fact that a brand can not be successful overnight, here we are not talking about fame from one viral video because such fame comes and goes with a blink of an eye. Successful brands need a solid strategy, implementation, and adaptability to build your own version of rome. The world's most famous brands didn't pop up overnight, be it amazon, netflix, flipkart, or any other biggie of this era. If you are keen to make a difference and want to play with big boys, it's high time to get your brand identity into fine shape.

Creating a brand identity is not only limited to creating a unique and beautiful logo. Undoubtedly, logo creation and manifesto are some of the important elements that contribute to brand identity, but it is not Defined by them only.

What is brand identity?

Brand identity is a collection of various elements that a business creates to portray the right image of the business in front of customers. It is more than designing the right logo and placing it on the packaging or mounting it above the front door. It is about crafting the brand's overall personality that brings out the core element of your brand's DNA.

Hey! Don't be like phoebe and joey.

Brand identity is not a new thing; learn more about it in the forthcoming Sessions.

Why Does Brand Identity Even Matter?

Why does brand identity matter? I am not even apple? Those who think like this need to understand that apple once was in your position, a small business. There are several benefits one can reap by creating A strong and powerful brand identity; following are some quick Glances of it


A Strong Brand Can Demand A Premium Price For A Product Or Service;


Give An Edge Over Your Competitors


Easy Recognition


Helps To Build Customer Loyalty


Big Organizations Will Take You Seriously


Easy To Build A Business In The Shape You Want


Quick To Get More Business


Add A Reliable Identity

Brand Identity Elements

A strong brand needs strong elements, and following are inseparable elements to create a powerful brand identity:

  • Brand Name
  • Brand Voice or Tone
  • Color Palette
  • Logo Design
  • Imagery
  • Tagline / Slogan
  • Typography

Brand Name

If you are a believer in shakespeare's words in romeo and juliet's play, "what's in a name," then you probably soon run out of business, as in the business world, the brand name is everything. It indicates what your business is associated with and helps consumers to recognize and distinguish it from the rest. A strong and powerful brand name gets recognized widely and leaves a permanent mark on consumers' minds. For example, the most common thing we use when we want toothpaste in india, we say we need colgate. The word "colgate" is actually the name of the brand, while the actual product is toothpaste.

Brand Voice or Tone

Brand voice or tone does not necessarily mean what your business sounds like in audio; instead, it means how your business communicates across all marketing channels and its customers. For example, dove, a beauty brand, is known for encouraging customers to embrace inner beauty with an open heart. Who doesn't love zomato notifications as They are known for engaging, frivolous, witty and sometimes even Counter intuitive?

Color Palette

How do colors matter? Well, it does matter a lot. It gives a push to the visual branding elements. Our brain immediately triggers the name when we see a certain color combination; for example, one can recognize google with its color; the same goes with mastercard and many more. Colors trigger emotions and give meaning, while choosing a color palette considers human psychology, trends, context, and culture.

Following are the main usual three color codes:

RGB: (Red, Green, and Blue), usually used for monitors and screens.

Hex: (Red, Blue, and Yellow) used for web design.

CMYK: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), generally used for prints.

Logo Design

Every business, be it small, medium or large, needs a logo, period. In fact, it is very hard to find a business without a logo. We all can recognize five rings linked together as the Olympics, two interlocking circles as Mastercard, swoosh as NIKE, and the list goes on. How would you recognize them if there were no logos? When a consumer sees a logo again, the brain quickly registers it and thinks, "Oh, I know that brand."

For example, even if you drink coffee at Starbucks in a foreign nation, you'll recognize it anyway. The logo helps to get it recognized in every area, state, or country; you can recognise Starbucks even if you are in Paris, or Tokyo or anywhere else, just through its logo. After reading, will you still leave the logo session randomly?

Some of the common logo design styles you can get inspired includes:

  • Classical
  • Vintage
  • Minimalistic
  • Unorthodox
  • Handcrafted


We are visual creatures, and our brain remembers visuals over text more. Imagery consists of all kinds of images you come across, all branding, advertising, and marketing. Just like other brand identity factors, be it color palette or logo, imagery plays a vital role in getting recognition in the market.

Brand imagery is not only limited to photographs, but it is also illustrations, Photomontage, infographics, icons & symbols, video, etc. All photos and illustrations should carry out the same energy, and at the same time, they should be cleaner and more delightful. One of the famous examples of beautiful brand imagery is those beautiful golden arches from McDonald's.

Tagline / Slogan

Do you recognize "I'm lovin' it" or "Taste the thunder"? Yes, you are absolutely right; it's McDonald's and Thumbs Up taglines; who doesn't recognize it? Well, that's the power of the tagline. Tagline or slogan may not necessarily apply to every business.

Still, by adding a tagline or slogan to your brand, you are adding a unique element in the recognition process. Just like the tagline mentioned above, McDonald's and Thumbs Up got stuck in our minds and other customers, helping the brand to get quick recognition.


Typography is referred to as the fonts used by businesses in all materials. Choosing a font is vital as unappealing fonts tend to reflect badly on the reader's emotional response to content. Just colors and typography convey the tone and value of the brand.

A memorable typeface is instantly recognized, just like the majority of us remember the typeface of coca-cola or Disney or any famous brand. Spotify uses sans-serif font across all its marketing materials and platforms. What is your brand's typography? So, here the burning question is, what makes a brand font famous or at least recognizable?

  • Unique
  • Legible
  • Multi-platform oriented
  • Should depict the brand personality

Let us Paint Your Brand Identity

While putting all the above elements into creating an amazing brand identity, consistency is a key factor to build a powerful and impactful brand. By positioning yourself as a strong, caring, and witty brand, you have the chance to win the hearts of consumers.

You can't toss a new brand into the market and expect people to embrace it with an open heart. Instead of going for trial and error, why don't you hire the best branding agency Ahmedabad? Work with experienced brand identity designers like us to bring thoughts into reality.