Before we begin, let's do a small exercise. I take some famous brand names and you try to remember their logos. Okay?

  • Nike
  • Mac D
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Starbucks

Great, I am sure at least 80% of you might be able to recall the logo of the brands mentioned above. This is the power of a logo; what seems like mighty symbols have become part of our everyday lives. Whether you're scrolling through social media feeds, grabbing groceries from the supermarket, or driving from home to the office, you are exposed to at least hundreds of logos daily. You are constantly making connections with brands without even realizing it. Have you seen any big brand without a logo? No, because there aren't any. With all the right elements, the best logo design company in Ahmedabad can create remarkable logos for your brand.

Importance of Having a Logo

Lay Strong Foundation for the Brand's Strong Presence

The logo set the stage for the brand to narrate its story. Using the right logo elements, you can set the right tone and story you wish to narrate to the world. Imprinted on the business card, website, marketing materials, and different places, your logo helps to lay a strong foundation for making a strong brand presence.

Grab Attention

Nowadays, consumers' attention spans are very short, and with the rise in cutthroat competition, an attractive logo can grab the attention and communicate the company's core values in the most interesting way. Your logo should speak for your brand. Talk to logo design company Ahmedabad to get the best logo for your brand.

Help to Stand Out From the Competitors

In the sea of fierce competition, it is necessary that your brand mark a strong presence on the shelves of the showroom. A unique logo helps your brand to stand out from the competitors and catch the attention of potential buyers. For example, there are many Pizza places with logos with the word Italian, the chef with a mustache and wide grins. But a good logo despite not having these symbolic pizza elements can stand out in the crowd.

Foster Brand Loyalty

Believe it or not, even today, customers crave consistency. Brand loyalty is a continuous process that can be achieved by delivering value products/services, flawless experience, and consistency. The logo is vital in evoking adherence in your avid followers' minds.

Create Emotional Link

One of the major reasons for having an accurate logo is that it creates an emotional connection. Without a logo, customers may not be able to differentiate you from competitors. It is the common expected thing that people wish to see in any form of communication from the brand. In case of a missing logo, you are missing the chance to make your business stick in the mind of your targeted audience. For example, without a logo it is difficult to differentiate Nike shoes from the rest, how would Nike stand out without that “swoosh” mark?

Most Important Logo Elements

There are a plethora of elements that need to be kept in mind while designing a logo for a brand. Following are the basic elements of logo design that every graphic designer should keep in mind:


The human mind reacts to different shapes in different ways. Humans generally have the tendency to associate certain shapes with meaning in their attempt to make sense of things. We relate curves with streams and waves. The logo design's most important aspect is the shape of the logo. Basically, all shapes are divided into three categories:

Abstract shape

Organic shape

Geometric shape

Each category has different subcategories, which hold different meanings for different shapes.

Some Common Shapes and their Characteristics

When the shape is paired with typography, color, and other elements, it creates a logo. For example, the curvy angles of Airbnb look inviting and cheerful, while the Toyota interlocking logo ovals represent community, spirit, and connectedness.


Visual has the power to influence the mood and vibes of the logo. In layman's language, typography is associated with the font, structure, and appearance used in the logo text. Just like colors, shapes, and typography also represent strong values and the tone of the brand. Different kinds of classification in typography include serifs, weight, boldness, texture, and format.

One can use sans-serif typefaces for modern looking, while serifs are a preferred choice for vintage look. For instance, you can easily recognize Coca-Cola, The New York Times, and Disney typography. Many brands like Netflix and Airbnb have created their own typefaces as a part of their identity. What is your go to typography choice?


Color is an important pillar in logo design as it has a very decisive and distinct effect on how we feel and respond. Color is such a vital element that can influence thinking and stimulate body hormones and reactions. For example, the green color in the logo indicates the brand is environment friendly, which is used by brands associated with agriculture, solar power, and gardening.

In contrast, red evokes passion and visceral responses. Yellow stands for creativity, warmth, and hope. But mind it, there can be exceptions; for example, IKEA used blue and yellow, which is not at all related to the furniture business. By combining two very strong colors, IKEA strongly and beautifully conveys its personality.

Types of Logo

Lettermarks/Monogram logo

Lettermarks, also known as monogram logo, is a typography logo that is made up of the initial brand name. In most cases, brands use monograms as abbreviated names, like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and IBM (International Business Machines). The Lettermark logo is all about bringing simplicity as it is very much easy to remember NASA instead of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, right? Here choosing the right font matters the most as it should go with the brand's theme but at the same time it must be legible when used in print media marketing.


An emblem logo is a logo composed of an icon or symbol in a crest, shield, badge, or seal. It is often created with the aim of creating a distinguished, traditional, or prestigious image for the brand; it helps to give an instantly classic feel and helps to stand out from the crowd. They are generally used by universities, major car brands, sports teams, and even on the cup of your coffee at Starbucks.


Wordmarks logo is very much like a lettermark; it focuses on a business name and works well when the brand has a distinct and catchy name. But here, the key thing to remember is that your brand name should be able to tell what your business is about. The key component in the wordmark is choosing the typeface, case, spacing, and color to narrate your brand's personality. Famous wordmark logos include Coca-Cola, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, Canon, eBay, etc.

Pictorial logo

The pictorial logo, also known as the logo symbol, is an icon or graphical-based logo. Some famous examples of pictorial logos are Twitter, Apple, Target, Domino's Pizza, etc. Each of the icons in the logos mentioned above is instantly recognized. Choosing the right image for the pictorial logo is a million-dollar task. But, remember that the image you will choose will stick with your company during its entire life.


In the mascots, logos illustrated characters are generally used are colorful, fun, and sometimes cartoonish. Consider a mascot as the ambassador for your business. Some famous mascots include KFC's Colonel, Michelin Man by Michelin, Kool-aid man from Kool-aid, Coco the monkey from Coco Pops, the charming mustachioed man from Pringles, and many more. Whenever you see these mascots, you instantly recognize them, and that's its magic. The mascot logo is a smart way to build an emotional connection with the targeted audience. Identify the unique personality of your business and connect it with the visual character that you and the audience can resonate with.


As the name suggests in an abstract logo, abstract form reflects a company's branding. The abstract logo is more metaphorical, and with it, you can create something highly unique. Some famous abstract logos include Pepsi, Airbnb, Olympics, Adidas, and Google Drive. One of the major benefits of using abstract logos is that you can symbolically convey what your company does without relying on the cultural implications of a specific image. It is a good choice for a global brand whose name might not work well across different languages.


There is no hard and fast rule to follow when you wish to give the creative and the most appropriate logo to the brand. It can be the combination of words with an image, mascot, or icon. Some famous examples include Dove, Taco Bell, Doritos, DropBox, and Burger King. It is the most versatile logo form because people may begin to associate your name with a pictorial image or mascot. There are high chances that in the future, you may be recognized with just the symbol.

Concluding Words

After reading the long form, the most important lesson you can learn about logo design is that "it should be memorable." If all these discussions and things seem to be out of your syllabus, hire a logo design company in Ahmedabad to give you a new identity and let your brand story amplify through their creative version.