Why is Influencer Marketing Taking over Traditional Marketing?

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August 20, 2021

Traditional marketing is nothing new. It may have developed in the last few decades, but the basics remain the same. Today, technology continues to evolve, allowing businesses to connect with their audiences in unprecedented ways, making influencer marketing more successful. Traditional marketing costs are higher, making it difficult for businesses to receive consumer feedback. The biggest drawback is that there is almost no interaction with the audience.

In an overly competitive digital space brands/businesses are now discovering novel ways to reach out to their target audience and marketers around the world are finding Influencer Marketing to be the next bet for this purpose. Leveraging a broad follower base has become an extremely valuable asset for brands. Two-third of the world population is on the internet, and social media making the online presence of brands and influencers a key parameter to live their success.

Influencers’ content can be framed as recommended ads, and they themselves play the role of potential buyers. Although influencer marketing isn’t a replacement concept within the industry, it’s become very fashionable in recent years. As the world around us becomes more technologically advanced, influencer marketing has been at the forefront and corporations are investing longer and energy during this strategy than ever before.

Thus, influencers also hold the power to increase the sales of particular products or services and make brand endorsements. When it comes too tried and tested formulas to increase brand awareness and influence, influencer marketing is the most important. Internet celebrity marketing is undoubtedly effective. We say this because we have seen so many brands gain recognition through cooperation with movie celebrities, athletes and micro-influencers. Long before the advent of social media, Influencers made decisions on brand promotion. The social media platform not only has an impact on movie stars and athletes, but also has an impact on stylists, fashion celebrities, social workers, entrepreneurial heroes and local influencers. Simply put, it is to build your own brand by the popularity of Internet celebrities.

The Advantages of Influencer Marketing:

  • Helps build trust and credibility for your products.
  • You will gain new audiences based on the influencer’s reach.
  • You can reach a wider global audience.
  • If you want an influential person to promote your product, you can choose one according to your budget. There are many influencers on social media and you have unlimited options to choose from.
  • You can choose from a variety of advertising formats for social media products or brand promotion through videos and photos, influencers talking directly about their products, unboxing, influencers using products, etc.
  • You can choose the influencer that best suits your brand.
  • If you want to advertise locally, you can hire influencers in specific locations.
  • You can collaborate with many influencers and use the power of hashtags to generate viral marketing campaigns.


Let’s Look at Some of the Most Surprising Facts About Influencer Marketing:

  • 70% of teens trust influencers quite traditional celebrities
  • 86% of women use social media to make purchase recommendations
  • 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations
  • 60% of teens follow influencers’ suggestions to celebrities
  • Influencer marketing activities earn $ 6.50 for every dollar spent
  • Influencer marketing is the online customer acquisition method of fastest growing
  • 57% of fashion and wonder companies engage in influencer marketing
  • Major brands plan to increase marketing spend
  • The influencer marketing plan industry is expected to reach US $ 10 billion by 2020
  • 74% of people trust social media to guide purchasing decisions
  • Marketing influencers has outpaced print marketing
  • 40% of customers use ad blocking technology
  • Marketers spend $ 25,000 on marketing activities $ 50,000
  • Users make purchases based on tweets
  • ⅔ marketers promote content with the assistance of influencers
  • Facebook is that the most influential social network
  • 60% of consumers are influenced by social networks or blogs when they buy in stores
  • Purchasing intentions have increased 5.2 times on Twitter
  • 71% of marketers believe influential partnerships are good for businesses

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