Explore the Unexplored Dang with Our Annual Office Trip

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January 13, 2023

“How’s the Josh?

Very High, Sir.” 

These were the exact words when our founders asked us about the excitement of the office trip. Our journey for the Dang begins at midnight on 30th December 2022. Even the journey to our destination was beyond words explanation, but still, let me try to do some justice to its beauty through words.        

Dang Team

The dark sky covered with a blanket of twinkling stars, the road bundles with the serene landscape, fertile farmland, and of course, the chilling wind of December makes the entire scene picture-perfect. The lonely yet content roads make me feel alive. Chirping birds in the early morning welcome us to the beautiful land of Dang. WELCOME to DANG. The word dang means a hilly village.    

Day 1

Our very first stop at 7am was the Raigadh Sunrise Point. It was just a trailer to the memorable trip. The view was just mesmerizing as the sky bloomed into shades of mild yellow and golden orange. Mist over the river, verdant landscapes, the sound of flowing water, and the chilly winter winds make it an ideal spot to enjoy the beauty of sunrise with peace. It is an ideal location for a pre-wedding shoot (you can thank us later, 😉). But let me tell you something: the area has certain network issues, but the site is worth it. 

(The beauty of witnessing sunrise)

After enjoying the sunrise, we stopped at the Pooja didi’s tea stall to enjoy the delicious lemongrass tea and the yummiest vada pav. After satiating ourselves, we headed towards our stay location that is Vanil eco den, in Vansda. Located in the lush green western Ghat Forest area. Trust me, it was love at first sight with all the greenery and cute accommodation facilities. Spread over a large area, the lush environment has a butterfly zone, adventure activities zone, cafe, resting area, tribal zone, and many more.  

(1. Meet our yogic guru 2. The mesmerizing sunset 3. Our team enjoying and bonding over sunset)

After freshening up and enjoying the local dish ubadiyu with mix-floured chapati and mint chutney, we headed towards Kadam mountain. Located 20 km from Waghai town, near Amsarvadan village, the 800-meter altitude hill is one of the highest points of the Dang region. The drive to the mountain is very scenic, filled with canals, rivulets, tall trees, and narrow roads. But the good news was that we had Vin Diesel(s) in our team to accomplish the mission Kadam Dungar ride.   

After climbing almost 200 stairs and a few meters in plain, we reached the top of the mountain to enjoy the sunset. While climbing the mountain, we took blessings from the cave temple of the goddess situated on the plateau. The sunset view from the top of the mountain will remain in our hearts forever. The peace, tranquil beauty, and of course, being surrounded by enthusiastic people was the perfect view to end the day in the dang. But for us, it did not end as yummy Dangi food was waiting for us. What is better than ending the day with some music and a campfire. 

Day 2

After waking up to the chirping bird sound 

It was a dream and full-filmy morning with chirping birds waking me instead of an alarm clock. While the sun kissed the skin to wish good morning, we headed towards the breakfast station to satiate the belly and soul with Idli-Sambhar, Poha, and tea. There I met the cutest 6-month-old Zoya, a husky dog(the truth was that I was quite afraid of her, but at the same time, I loved her too, hope you got it🫣). After waving goodbye to Zoya, we headed for our train ride from Kevdi road

(Dancing train Journey)

After boarding the Narrow Gauge Train, we nicknamed the train as a dancing train as it gave the vibe that the train was actually dancing. How can we forget India’s most favorite time pass thing, “Antakshari“. The journey between the Kevdi station and Unai is filled with dense forests, quaint tribal villages, and smiling kids waving toward the train. This ride absolutely offers detachment from worldly worries and shows how one can enjoy the small joys of life.            

(The daring act)

After the train journey, it was time to fuel the body with delicious lunch and some local shopping. No trip is complete without shopping, right? The next stop was the Dungarda railway track. It was a daring task, I did it, in my entire life, let the pictures speak about it. After the task was completed, I could not wait to soak my feet on the running stream at the river bed. While enjoying the rest of the last day of December 2022, we headed towards our stay location for more surprises. It was the time we all were waiting for as we made our boss do the work (don’t blame us😋). Cooking under the open sky was something we were excited about. Determined to cook pink sauce pasta for all of us, Mr. Rajan, our managing director, got obstructed as the cooking stove was unavailable. Just like our company’s strong determination💪 to make the impossible possible, he made an instant natural Chula to accomplish his MISSION PASTA.   

Finally, all the waiting and patience🥹 paid off; delicious pasta, pizza, and quick sandwiches under the stars were a perfect way to end the year 2022. 

Day 3

It was my last and first day of 2023 in the lap of nature, and to make the best of it, so I started my day with a walk in nature surrounded by farmland. After breakfast and saying goodbye to Zoya and Vanil Eco den, we went shopping again. After shopping and brunch, it was time to say goodbye to the place, which was actually difficult as it felt like dang stole a part of my heart. “Few more days, please” this was the last instant thought I had while saying goodbye to the enchanting beauty of Dang.  

(Waving goodbye to Zoya, delicious food, our peaceful stay and our favorite cafe)

We all left the dang with heavy hearts, but the good news was that it did not end. Surprise, so for us, when we come to know that we will cover one more destination, the Madan lake island, which falls between Dang and Ahmedabad.

(Raving through the waves)

After driving for 2 hours, we reached Madan lake. Surrounded by mountains, surreal views and turquoise water, the view was breath-taking. After enjoying boat riding, photography, we finally said goodbye to the enchanting beautiful place. Just like every beautiful thing comes to an end, so does our annual office trip. 

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