Why You Should not Pause Amazon PPC Campaigns?

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February 14, 2023

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

— Steuart Henderson Britt

This perfect statement sums up PPC’s importance on marketplace platforms. Dozens of businesses are listed on Amazon, and the one selling on the platform is called Amazon seller. For instance; you saw a laptop ad on a digital platform. Now, will you buy it instantly, or will it take at least 5-6 visual impressions to convenience you to make a purchase? I think for the majority of you; it will take at least 5-6 visual impressions to build trust, which is required to strengthen the trust factor. Hire Amazon PPC experts in Ahmedabad to best use the Amazon platform.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

Why You Should not pause Amazon PPC Campaigns?

Let’s understand how and why pausing Amazon PPC campaigns prove to be a costly mistake:

1. Affect Organic Growth

When you first put the ad on the Amazon marketplace, you probably got very few or no clicks. And you may have noticed that with constant ads, your views or clicks may have increased manifolds. But when you pause the Amazon PPC ads, it affects your organic growth as it may take some time to resume the growth as it was before the pause.

2. Compromised A/B Testing

It is suggested that a business should have one standard text ad and a second one running on different devices with little variation. This helps to test whether CTA, heading, and other factors are effective. But when you put a pause on the ad, you are compromising A/B tests, which may affect your clicks and conversions. Talk to our Amazon SEO experts in Ahmedabad to understand it in more details.

How to Improve Amazon PPC ads?

We advocate improving the PPC strategy instead of pausing it. Let’s understand what strategies you should opt for better results:

Improved Primary Image and Title

Here we encourage sellers to upgrade listing the primary image, optimize listing pages for mobile devices, understand the competitors’ strategies, and incorporate the main keyword in the title. The title is the first thing that potential buyers read and by reading, they should be able to understand what they are selling. Focusing on the right primary image helps to bring the attention of buyers to your product. Once you have decided on the primary image, compare it with your competitors and analyze if the image actually stands out.

Read more about the Amazon EBC content here.

Right Keywords

The good news is that Amazon will tell you about keywords that get maximum traffic; this way, you can remove low-performing keywords from PPC. Higher CTR(traffic) means more relevant keywords. Write down the list of generic keywords that you think about and how your audience would expand on them when searching. Do you know your company will be penalized for using keywords that aren’t relevant to your product?

Track your Metrics

Proper monitoring and analyzing actions help to make certain business decisions. When you are putting money on PPC ads, keep an eye on three important aspects: the amount of money you are spending on ads, how much sales you are making from the paid campaign, and the average cost of sales.

Instead of pausing Amazon PPC, Follow the Following Tactics:

Tweak Ad Schedule

Instead of pausing Amazon ads during the holidays or off-hours, use the advantage of Ad schedule in your PPC platform. Without actually pausing the ad, be particular about the time and day of the week to show the advertisement. This actually helps in creating consistency without hindering the budget so much. Based on the collected data from these ads, you can improve your strategy and marketing plans.

Use Negative Keywords

Rather than completely pausing the ads for a certain period of time, implement a negative keywords strategy. Negative keywords are the keywords that prevent ads from being triggered by a particular word or phrase. Let’s take an example to understand it more, if you are an optometrist who sells eyeglasses, then add negative keywords like “wine glasses,” “alcohol glasses,” “cocktail glasses,” and “drinking glasses”. This helps to target certain campaigns in a better way.

Optimize Your Campaigns

One of the best ways to make use of Amazon PPC is to optimize your paid campaign. Focus on high-performing keywords, pausing underperforming keywords, ensuring the use of geotargeting, shifting to manual bidding, and creating high-converting landing pages are some of the best and most effective ways to optimize your campaigns.

Final Words

With all the information mentioned above, we recommend hiring an Amazon PPC Service provider in Ahmedabad to combat the situation better. We have experienced Amazon management professionals in our team who are ready to walk the extra mile for their clients. So, book a call now and understand how Pixenite can unleash the next level for your business.

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