The strong and pre-equipped platform has a loyal and reliable customer base, and by selling on amazon, you get its additional benefits. Do you know 75% of shoppers use Amazon to discover new brands and products? In fact, 52% of shoppers are willing to buy unfamiliar brands from Amazon. There are more than 9.5 million sellers, and thousands more enter every day. In this highly competitive market, how will you stand out? Well, hire Amazon account management services.

Mistakes to Avoid as Amazon Sellers

Confusing Google Branding with Amazon brand SEO

One of the killer mistakes Amazon sellers commit is by considering Google SEO and Amazon SEO as the same. There are two different things; according to some studies, 52% of people use Amazon to get inspiration for the product purchase. When it comes to finding a restaurant or dentist in your locality, Google is the choice, but in product purchase, Amazon has the upper hand. Amazon SEO focuses on individual keywords, while Google aims for keyword phrases. For example, if you search for "indoor low light plants", then Amazon will showcase longtail and short tail keywords meaning it will showcase the indoor plants, plant light bulbs, and other accessories for indoor plants.

Incorrect Product Launch

You're mistaken if you think your work is done after the product listing and description are uploaded. Rather, product launch is a long process as it needs your proactive participation, and you have to do everything possible to get a better ranking for your product.

When we say long process, it includes launching Amazon-sponsored product campaigns, optimizing listing with the right keywords, and promoting products on social media channels through discounts, coupons, and search results. Plus, you also need to have a look at the product reviews and sales in order to understand how the product is performing in the market. By closely analyzing all studies, you will understand the targeted audience well, which will be profitable in the long run.

Mismanagement of Inventory

Another mistake that can kill your business on Amazon is not managing the inventory properly. Understock and overstock are both dying situations for the business. No sellers wish to say no to customers due to a lack of inventory supply. Even by overstocking inventory, one has to pay extra charges for storing inventory in the warehouse and maintaining them.

One of the major problems that business owners face is that when sales drop down it becomes very difficult to get rid of excessive stock, which leads to a huge loss of money, time, and space. Well, in such dread cases, take the help of an Amazon management service company in Ahmedabad, which will take care of all inventory and other requirements.

Ignoring Competitors

One of the biggest success mantras we can offer is, "never underestimate your competitors." As an Amazon seller, you must not forget that there are a large number of sellers available selling the same items. If your competitors are getting good reviews, it's time to level up the game.

Here the quick piece of advice would be that do not copy the exact layout, images, and product description as it can lower your authenticity. Plan out some unique strategies that can help you to stand out from the crowd. You can take the help of experts like Amazon Management company in India to roll out the best plans.

Not Paying Attention to Customer Services

Another grave mistake that Amazon's sellers commit is poor customer service. Amazon is very particular and strict when it comes to customers, as for them, their customers are the biggest assets. Any complaint about a product or service can lead to Amazon Account Suspension.

Ensure to reply to customers' queries on time and try to solve their problems as soon as possible. Consistency helps to build faith in the brand, so show up, offer positive shopping experiences and keep your metrics up to the mark of expectations. It is very important to address the negative reviews and do everything in your capacity to turn their negative experience into a positive one.

Improper Product Listing

On the Amazon platform, the competition is high, and to remain a top seller on the platform, you cannot afford to be sloppy, inattentive in details, and careless, especially in product listings. There are various disadvantages of having poor or improper product listing, and some include a negative impact on discoverability, less conversion rate, and many other consequences.

Quick Tips for Product Listing:

  • Do not add promotional text to images
  • Keep the amazon product clean and easy to understand
  • Never include coupons and marketing titles in product Title

Asking for customer reviews

Another deadly mistake that sellers generally commit is asking for customer reviews. Many studies have proven that positive reviews encourage shoppers to buy the product. One of the best ways to boost business is through positive reviews, but unethical practices or asking for reviews are strictly forbidden in fair selling practices on Amazon. Instead, you must have a proper and fair review plan.

Not Paying Attention to Promotions or Offers

The major reason for the success of Amazon is because of visibility. With many competitors in the market, it becomes difficult to survive without running ads about promotions or discounts. Even running $1 off or just 5% off ads can help to bring out a huge chunk of traffic and conversion on the page. You can learn more about it with the help of Amazon marketplace experts..

Final Words

Running an Amazon store requires a lot of time, energy, and, of course, finances. Initially, some strategies might work for you, and some will not but don't get disheartened. Here you can take help from professionals to keep and grow your Amazon store. Amazon marketplace management service provider will take care of everything while you can take care of other aspects of online business. Call today and book your consultation call .