It is easy to become numb with so many technologies hitting the market almost daily. Believe it or not, covid has changed the fundamentals of the game in many ways. But one thing that has not changed is empowering users with better solutions. Want to stay ahead in the game? Keep reading. Now IT field roles have become more active with a constant effort to learn, unlearn and relearn certain aspects. Let's talk about the expected web design trends for 2023.

Top Web Design Trends 2023:

01Parallax Scrolling

One of the interesting web designers will see in 2023 is the boost of parallax scrolling. Well, it adds depth and dimension, making users' overall experience immersive and engaging. Parallax scrolling is a technique where it appears that elements are moving at different speeds to give the effect of 3D scrolling effect.

If explained in layman's terms, it gives the perception of driving a car where the closer objects pass the car very fast, and the distant objects pass slower. There are different types of parallax scrolling.

One of the beautiful examples of parallax scrolling is Crazy About Eggs. Here they have used subtle parallax scrolling effects for subheadings and small elements.

02Custom Illustrations

Since the main focus of 2022 and 2023 is offering a rich user experience, especially offering a personal experience, stock images and graphics will soon be replaced by custom illustrations. It helps to bring the personal touch, especially that human touch. Colored and black & white illustrations, both are equally important. Animated and 3D illusions will definitely grab some limelight in the coming year.

It gives freedom to brands to express their unique personalities. One of the effective examples of custom illustration is the animated illustration on the homepage of Sony Music , imbibing carefree and happy vibes.

03Visible Borders

Invisible borders are now a thing of the past as now visible borders are welcomed with open hearts. This helps to give a modern and futuristic touch as visible grid lines, borders, and frames help to stand out. Further, it helps to clearly distinguish between each section of the page and make it more appealing, aesthetic, and organized.

In 2023, you can expect the geometric grid to be the popular choice; however, gates are open for symmetric as well as asymmetric for the solid layout. One of the popular examples of visible borders and grids is Sar-studio. It is a product and interior design company, and they beautifully portray the use of border lines with the toned-down color theme. Here they have placed each piece of work in a separate section which gives enough space to each product.

04Dark Mode

The dark mode is not a new trend, but it will keep accelerating even in 2023. It gained in popularity after 2019 when Apple introduced the iOS 13 update in dark mode. Even giant players like Google, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Meta were early movers in adopting dark mode interface.

It's not just the pretty face; several studies have even shown that dark mode soothes the eyes as it reduces the discomfort user experience after staring at websites with a light background. But here, the key to success lies in choosing the right typography and color to make things really stand out. Give a choice to the user where they can toggle their display from light mode to dark mode. Allow them to control their experience to a certain extent. One of the beautiful examples of the dark mode is Spotify.

05Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become an actual reality in the web design world. Big companies like Meta are pushing VR to the next level. With the progression in the VR field, eCommerce businesses can really stand out of the crowd. Using VR and AR, users can now see how the product will look in its place; this reduces users' confusion and helps them make prompt buying decisions.

06Have Fun with Typography

Typography is a powerful element in website design, and that is why clients now prefer strong typographic layouts. Here the aim is to use bold fonts as the primary element to catch viewers' attention. Here you can expect:

07Page Speed Counts

Yes, speed does count and matters the most. It's been a matter of utmost importance for SEO and web design for the past many years now. One of the truths of the digital era is that nobody wants to wait, and why should they? There are plenty of smart ways to increase page speed. In Spite of loading the entire website in one go, we suggest reducing loading time by changing loading the content as users get to it.

08Advanced Micro Interactions

Micro animations are like small animations as they are meant to add playfulness to your website. Micro interaction is defined as enticing and tiny moments used in a website or application to stimulate a feeling of well-being. Slowly and gradually, micro animations are getting the recognition they deserve. With eCommerce implementing it to enhance the overall experience of users. The good news is that one can use it in various ways, including animated scrollbar, swipe animation, digital alarm, pull-to-refresh, and many more.

If you think about why one should use it, well, then there are a plethora of reasons to use it. Firstly it replaces the boring loading screen with fun, grabs the attention of users, keeps them engaged, and better communicates certain actions interestingly.

09Hero Video Headers

There is no denying that visuals are more impactful than written words, which is why hero video headers are getting popular with each passing day. Video helps to convey emotions and products in fruitful ways, plus makes the entire experience lively and dynamic. Other benefits of having it on the website are capturing attention, reducing bounce rate, visually appealing, narrating the story through it, and many more.


Y2K design is now everywhere, from the font, interface, fashion, colors, and whatnot. It is creating quite a buzz in the web design industry. Now designers are coming up with their unique interruption for nostalgia. Basically, it is about taking inspiration from the past; here, the idea of using nostalgia is connecting to the good, old and simpler time. The good news is that you can add nostalgic elements in many ways; it's totally up to you how you wish to implement it.

11White Space

White space will continue to be among the favorites in the industry. With a less is more approach, neo-brutalism design and white space make the entire look pleasing and legible. White space not only promotes minimalism but adds harmony and better clarity, creates visual hierarchy, encourages people to take action, and boosts better navigation. Fun fact about white space need not be in white only. A beautiful example of white space in the website includes a landing page for the new MacBook Air.

123D Elements

If designers wish to stand out from the crowd, then we suggest going with 3D elements usage in websites. Using 3D elements helps to give a spurge presentation and grab the attention of users. Brands like Gucci are using 3D to show off high-end goods. It is the result of a combination of certain trends mixed together like parallax scrolling, animated visuals, glass morphism, and many more. Some examples of 3d websites include Uplinq, Peter Tarka, and Clou

Welcome 2023

Well, 2023 sounds like an exciting year for web design. Which web design trend do you like the most? Well, if you are planning to design a website for your business, then our web designer in Ahmedabad can support you in all aspects, from ideation to the final delivery of the website. We are emerging as a reliable web design company in Ahmedabad. We have an experienced and expert team who are ready to walk the extra mile to offer you flawless and valuable solutions to upscale your business to the next level.