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Ruchit Patel
Hiya automotive Director
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Hiya Automotive is India based brand offering Car Coil Buffer
Material with its ability to absorb impact from the suspension
system. With their range of Car Coil Buffer Material designed for a
smoother ride, improved stability, better control, and shorter
braking distances, they had a compelling product, but they
faced challenges in effectively presenting it to potential
customers. This case study delves into the strategies and
solutions we implemented to address these challenges and the
remarkable results achieved.
A: Poor Listing Title: Insufficient characters and unclear wording
in the product title hinder visibility.
B: Limited Reviews: Scarcity of customer reviews impacts the
brand's credibility and trustworthiness.
C: Lack of Lifestyle Images: Absence of images depicting
product usage or lifestyle context reduces the visual appeal and
customer engagement.
D: Inadequate Description: Insufficient product description
content results in a lack of comprehensive information,
potentially deterring potential customers.
E: Missing Brand Story: Absence of a compelling brand narrative
fails to establish an emotional connection with customers,
diminishing brand loyalty.
F: No Enhanced Brand Content/A+: The absence of Enhanced
Brand Content or detailed product descriptions limits the brand's
ability to showcase product features effectively, affecting sales
A: Optimized Titles: Strategically tailored the product titles to
align with Amazon's algorithm for better visibility and search
B: Review Enhancement Support: Implemented strategies to
encourage and facilitate the acquisition of positive reviews,
bolstering the brand's reputation and trust among customers.
C: Engaging Lifestyle Imagery: Introduced high-quality lifestyle
images to showcase product usage, enhancing visual appeal and
customer engagement.
D: Comprehensive Descriptions: Augmented product descriptions
with detailed information to provide customers with a
comprehensive understanding of the product's features and
E: Compelling Brand Story: Crafted a visually appealing and
emotionally resonant brand narrative to establish a stronger
connection with customers, fostering brand loyalty.
F: Detailed Enhanced Brand Content/A+: Created comprehensive
Enhanced Brand Content and detailed product descriptions,
enabling the effective communication of product attributes and
benefits, leading to improved sales prospects.
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