Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2024 (Platform by Platform)

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April 13, 2024

Ever wondered why some social media posts seem to explode with engagement, while others vanish into the digital abyss? Timing plays a crucial role! Posting when your target audience is most active significantly increases the chances of your content being seen, liked, and shared. Connect with us to hire us as your social media agency.  

But with different platforms having unique user behaviors, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Fear not, fellow social media warriors! This blog dives deep into the best times to post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in 2024, giving you the tools to conquer each platform.

Why Timing is so Important?


  • Cutting Through the Noise

Social media platforms are flooded with content. Algorithms prioritize posts receiving immediate engagement, pushing them to the top of feeds. Posting during peak hours ensures your content has a better chance of being seen before it gets buried by the next wave.

  • Relevance in the Moment

Imagine sharing a delicious recipe at midnight. While it might look mouthwatering, the timing is off. People are more likely to engage with content relevant to their current activity. Posting during peak hours for specific content types (e.g.,recipes during lunchtime) increases the chance of immediate interest and interaction.

  • Building Habits and Anticipation

Consistent posting times create a rhythm for your audience. They know when to expect your content and are more likely to check your page at those times. This consistency fosters a sense of community and keeps your brand top-of-mind.

Instagram: Catching Those Scrollers


Instagram is a land of visuals, and timing your posts to capture eyeballs is crucial. Generally, weekdays are your golden ticket. Here’s a breakdown:

    • Monday to Friday Mornings on the Move (5 AM to 9 AM): People tend to scroll through Instagram during their commutes or coffee breaks. A visually captivating post between 5 to 9 AM can grab their attention as they start their day.
    • Lunchtime Likes (12 PM to 2 PM): As the workday hunger pangs hit, people often reach for their phones. A lunchtime post (around 12 PM to 2 PM) might be the perfect distraction (and potential food inspiration!).
    • Evening Cheers (5 PM to 6 PM): As the day is about to end, people scroll it for post. But if you want to post reels then 9 pm-8 am is the ideal time. 
    • Saturday & Sunday (9 AM to 2 PM): On weekends people want to sit back and relax and that is why they scroll through these ideal times.     

Facebook: Finding Your Facebook Fam


Facebook thrives on a mix of personal and professional content. Here’s when to target your audience:

  • Midweek Musings (Wednesdays, 3 PM): The middle of the workweek often sees dips in productivity. A Facebook post during this time might be a welcome break for your audience.
  • Funday Thursday and Fridays (1 PM to 4 PM ): Thursday and Fridays bring a lighter mood. Schedule a post for around 01 PM to 04 PM catch the pre-weekend excitement and get those shares rolling.
  • Weekend Wind-Down (Saturdays & Sundays, 12 PM – 1 PM): People relax and socialize on weekends. A Facebook post around noon or 1 PM on Saturdays or Sundays can be a great way to connect with your followers on a more personal level.

LinkedIn: Reaching the Professional Realm


LinkedIn is all about career building and networking. Here’s how to time your posts for maximum impact:

  • Weekday Mornings Monday and Friday (7:30 AM to 8:30 AM): Professionals are typically active on LinkedIn during work hours. Target them with informative posts between 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM and noon on weekdays, when they’re checking updates and making connections.
  • Lunchtime Learning Mornings Monday and Friday (12 PM ): The lunch break is a prime time for people to catch up on industry news and thought leadership. Share valuable content around lunchtime (between 12 PM) to position yourself as an expert.
  • Evening Monday and Friday (5 PM – 6 PM): As the workday wraps up, professionals might be reflecting and planning ahead. A post around 5 PM or 6 PM can spark discussions and establish you as a thought leader in your field.
  • Tuesday (10 AM to 11 AM): The second day’s morning of the week generally motivates people to check updates and build valuable connections.  

Pinterest: Pinning at the Perfect Moment


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, and timing your pins strategically can significantly boost their reach. Here’s when to target pinners:

  • Monday to Sunday Post-noons are for Window Shopping (2 PM – 4 PM): People often browse Pinterest for inspiration and ideas in the evenings. Schedule your pins for this time slot (between 2 PM to 4 PM) to catch them in their planning phase.
  • Fun Friday (3 PM): Post lunch on friday people are relaxed, so 3pm is an ideal time to attract people. 
  • Weekend Creativity (Saturday Mornings, 8 PM – 11 PM): Weekends are for pursuing hobbies and DIY projects. A Pinterest pin showcasing on a Saturday evening (between 8 PM and  11 PM) can inspire and lead to saves and clicks.

It’s a Social Science, Not an Exact Formula

While these are general guidelines, the best time to post on social media ultimately depends on your specific audience and content type. Here are some bonus tips to optimize your posting strategy:

  • Know your audience: Who are you targeting? Understanding their demographics and online habits is key.
  • Analytics are your allies: Utilize platform insights to see when your audience is most active and engaging with your content.
  • Experiment and adapt: Don’t be afraid to try different times and track the results.
  • Post consistently: Regular posting keeps your brand visible and builds a loyal following.

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