What Is The Secret Mantra For Success On Amazon?

Well, we have cracked the code. excited to know more about it? well, in that case, keep reading. most of the time, buyers are likely to buy from the first page as they don’t have the patience and time to scroll through all 10 pages until they cross through your products.

How To Get A Product Rank On The Top Page Of Amazon?

Well, the answer is Amazon’s algorithms. Today we will talk about the Amazon A10 algorithm to help you rank higher on the platform.

What Is The

Amazon A10 Algorithm?

What is the prime purpose of Amazon’s search algorithm? Amazon has its own set of algorithms that determine the position or ranking of the product on the platform. Earlier it was known as Amazon A9; A10 algorithm is very much the same but with only a few differences, with the main focus on providing better services to its customers. Understand the following important factors to determine top rankings in the search result.

Important Pillar Of Amazon A10 Algorithm:











Internal And

Organic Sales



Relevance Game





Click - Through









Price Competitiveness

Amazon prime’s goal is to offer the best price to its customers. If you are charging a higher price than other sellers, then Amazon will likely punish you through the listing. There are two ways through which you can keep an eye on the products’ pricing. Either you can use the “sold by Amazon” option in which Amazon sets the price for fba products, or you can allow Amazon to automatically adjust the price based on predefined rules and other offers.

seller's Authority


Here we are talking about the seller authority via the buy box or Amazon’s product listing. The authority depends on various factors, including the number of products, duration, ratings, feedback, etc. Having a large inventory with a Diverse customer base and good reviews can boost the seller’s authority.


Sales History
History matters, especially on Amazon, as your ranking will be counted based on products sold and how good or bad they are reviewed by customers. Keeping your products always in stock also helps to boost strong product rankings.
Internal And Organic Sales


Internal sales happen when the sale is generated within the amazon platform, excluding the search result. Internal sale is counted when products are bought from the “frequently bought together” section; such sales highly influence your search rankings. A sale is called organic when a product is bought from the search page results from the Amazon website. Organic results are a strong influencing factor in the strong Amazon seo algorithm.


Keyword Relevance Game

The key aim here is that a buyer should be able to relate to the product’s keywords they are looking for. If Amazon doesn’t know what your product is, how will it rank your product? The keywords used in the listing help to determine what Exactly the product is and what exactly it does. Customers won’t be able to find out about your product if keywords are not relevant. You can take help from Different keyword research tools to find the most relevant and high-volume Keywords. Use relevant keywords in the product title, description, bullet points, and backend search terms.

Positive Reviews


Another decisive ranking factor in Amazon’s a10 algorithm is obtaining positive reviews for the product. Positive reviews build trust and boost sales in the most organic way. Whenever a buyer searches for a product, they tend to read reviews to understand if the product has the benefits and features available that match their requirements or not. Positive reviews boost the ranking.


Click - Through Rate
How often does a product get clicked after glancing at the corresponding search result? Well, it is necessary to have high-definition product images with relevant product titles. These two vital things encourage users to click on it, and click-through is rewarded by the Amazon algorithms.
Product Descriptions


The product description is a crucial element. If you get it correct, you are a step closer to getting discovered by potential customers. Product descriptions need to be written in the most relevant way that should depict the product’s usp, how it can improvise the user’s life and how to use it.

Most sellers think that once written, and the job is done, well, that is not the case, as it needs regular updates to remain in the game. For example, if you are into the winter wear business, then you sold out of the limited edition, then the product description needs to change with relevant description, keywords and highlight features according to changes in fashion.


Amazon SEO

Amazon seo is subject to constant change and improvement to increase visibility and drive traffic to the store. The major difference between Amazon seo and seo is that it is mainly product based and consists of features and specifications about the product. Backlinks and their quality still matter a lot in seo. Amazon prefers blogs that contain product listings with direct links. The main focus of Amazon seo is click – through rate (ctr) and conversion rate.

Concluding Words

Amazon is one of the vital platforms to expand business worldwide. In order to get more business and remain profitable, it is necessary to stay relevant and in the game by following Amazon’s a10 algorithms.

The fact that Amazon will prioritize listing based on its performance instead of the number of keywords jammed into it. For Amazon, their customers are the main priority, which is why they ensure that products should fit perfectly to their customer’s queries to offer a hassle-free buying experience. If you feel you need help in optimizing your listing on Amazon as per the new updates, then we are happy to help