TruClothing was the birth child from a long-running family business that originally started in the early ’80s. Back then 5 brothers came with nothing to the UK to make a better life for themselves and their families & had a vision of manufacturing, wholesaling & retailing natural leather goods such as bags and jackets. The business grew from strength to strength starting in Petticoat lane market then expanding to 30 stores across the UK at its peak! The key goal was always in providing the best quality products at a competitive price with customer satisfaction being the pivotal driving factor. As the family grew bigger the brothers decided it best to branch out and each brother took a branch of the business and made it their own. TruClothing is the second generation of this long-running journey as a child I always spent my weekends with my father and uncles who taught me the trade in the most practical sense this combined with the education I was privileged with made me want to adapt the business and take it to the e-commerce world where TruClothing Began its journey in 2012.



TruClothing has a pretty good website with engaging content which highlights their products. Also they were managing their online presence via social media very well however they were looking for the presence to become more effective, creative and stronger.

TruClothing were looking to increase and enhance their onliner visibility and get potential inquiries to uplift their online presence and generate ROI..

TruClothing wanted to increase their social media engagement by getting revenue through paid advertising. This way they wanted to make a strong online visibility.

  • Prime objective was to increase the revenue through strategic paid marketing
  • Increasing the website organic traffic with tactical organic SEO
  • Assemble a strong Social Media presence with winsome creatives and content
  • Bring out Inquiries via Paid advertising on Social Media & PPC
  • Conversions coming through customer, website calls, message</li.

We Performed

  • Indepth Analysis
  • Competitive R&A
  • Strategic Campaigns
  • Creative Designs
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • stbanner
  • stbanner
  • stbanner
  • stbanner
  • stbanner


  • Produce content which is engaging audience and attract to purchase
  • To get more conversions, especially Application Submissions through Paid Search
  • To create engaging social media content based on the target audience


  • Allocate budget over A/B testing to get better outcomes
  • Multiple Ads i.e. Carousel Ads, Video Ads, Image Ads to perform in different way
  • Create informative post which attracts customer and engage
  • Research trends in the domain to stay up to date with the creativity modern approach

£ 5.2


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